building success as a team


At FSM it’s important that we create a strong team culture.  We know that by building a strong culture internally, we are supporting our staff so they can do their best when they are working with families out in the community.

Service Delivery Manager, Leainne Nathan enjoys providing leadership and guidance to her team. Ensuring there is a common purpose and a genuine interest in listening are keys for her, and each day all staff being their day with Panui.  

Panui is where the entire organisation gather for the morning for daily karakia and waiata. Staff take turns in leading it and ensures everyone starts the day with a  positive focus. Panui also allows for the sharing of important news or discussion.  It often also serves as a chance to recognise successes that have been achieved by whānau we are working with.  Working in our sector, it is important that we celebrate success and learn from it, so we can take those lessons into other situations.

Whānaungatanga is a Māori principle deeply imbedded in the values of the organisation. Leainne says, “One of the things that is unique here is that whenever we have tangi in our families, it’s the special way we awhi-support each other.” Having experienced how the team cared for her when she experienced loss, Leainne says, “FSM supports team success by living it. I felt very cared for and empowered. It’s our DNA.”

Given the diversity of the team, it is a strength that allows for staff to feel like one big family. Organising ways to celebrate and acknowledge the diversity including things like shared lunches during Pacific language weeks through to other cultural events are just some of the ways we continue to build a successful team. Watch our team share their thoughts on this by clicking here.