Incredible Years

What is Incredible Years?

Incredible Years is an internationally acclaimed programme that helps parents identify and manage children's problem behaviours. Mums and dads work through a series of steps to deal with tantrums, aggression and other behaviours that make parenting a challenge.

Incredible Years helps parents who have problems with issues like children yelling, swearing and answering back.

Who can do Incredible Years?

Incredible Years is offered to participants in the Family Start programme.

What does it involve?

14 sessions of around two hours at our office in Wiri.

What happens if I have problems getting there?

We want to help you succeed in the course, so if you can't make your own way to the course talk to us about helping with transport.

Who will look after my child while I'm learning?

We have a team of trained baby-sitters who look after the young ones so you can concentrate on getting the most out of the course. Don't worry, they're just down the hall. If they need you we will bring them in.

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