'Incredible Years' made me a better mum

Elizabeth has six children aged between 18 years and 11 months. Despite having already raised four of them to almost-adulthood, she felt she needed help with the younger two. A former client of FSM, she knew she could turn to us for help.

Elizabeth says 'Incredible Years' made her a better mum

Here’s her story …

“I’ve got six kids, but with the younger two I realised I was spoiling them. I’d buy them toys and leave them to play because I was so busy doing ‘mum things’. They got pretty rebelious and even though I had older children, I didn’t know what to do.

I knew I needed to be more involved with my children, be more hands on, but I didn’t know how. When I heard about the Incredible Years parenting course I wanted to do it, but I had no car and no-one to help baby sit.

I phoned FSM to say I wanted to be involved and they made it possible. They got a taxi to pick me up, and provided baby sitters at the course to look aftet the tamariki. It allowed me to focus my full attention on learning and not be worried about them. They also gave us a feed.

The course encourages you to come to the kids level and communicate. It taught me patience, and strategies to deal with behaviour, like how to use ‘time out’. It’s helped me to put a routine in place, with a sticker chart to reward good effort, and I’ve got a much better relationship with my kids. It’s been amazing, all parents should do it.

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