Swim safe this summer

With 16 Auckland beaches blacklisted as unsafe for swimming, make sure you check your local beach's water quality this summer

You've packed the picnic, you've got the beach ball, the kids are fully sun creamed and in their togs ... but have you checked the water quality of your local swimming hole? According to a report in Stuff, published in November, 16 of Auckland's beaches have been blacklisted as unsafe for swimming due to long term water quality issues. Concerns relate to run-off from farm animals, but also bacteria from human waste which have probably come from faulty septic tanks.

South Auckland favourites such as Clark's beach, Weymouth beach and Taumanu beaches East and West have been rated as dangerous to swim due to pollution. Most of the beaches along the Titirangi coastline have also been given a red mark with more than 50 beaches being monitored closely. However, Ouruarangu Creek in Mangere, Managere Bridge beach and Waikowhai beach have all been given a green rating and are family ready.

To find out more, visit safeswim.org.nz where you can view a handy map and find your local beach in the Auckland region.