Incredible Years graduation

November 29th saw 15 more fabulous families graduate from this 14 week programme!

The Incredible Years is a free parenting course that runs over 14 weeks to help you understand, engage with and better respond the needs of your child. Based on clear science it has been running in the US since the 1970s, and thousands of families from all backgrounds have benefitted from its wisdom. 

FSM offer two courses a year, and will help you with childcare and transport of they are stopping you from coming along. They also provide kai, good company and an understanding facilitators.

Explaining the mats used today at the front of the room where the tohu were laid out for the presentation, senior supervisor Kii talked about how the mats cannot be woven by one person alone. "Instead, they have to be woven by a group, and each brings something to the mat just as each of you have brought something to this programme."

We spoke to two of the graduates about what the programme meant to them.

Akosita Tui

"I just want to say thank you to my social workers. This has been a really long road for me, but I've learned so much. I have three children and they've really benefitted from what I have learned. This has been a great experience."


Devo Porter

"I've got young three girls and an older boy, and he was really helping me raise my girls and it wasn't fair. This year he went to live with his dad and it was hard, but it was the best decision. He's doing so well now, happy and confident and his school work has improved. But home alone with three girls I was struggling, and we've been through a lot trying to find a new house. I wasn't coping. The girls started to misbehave and I couldn't handle it. Our lives have changed so much since I started IY. I've got plans for next year and I know it will be better. Thanks so much."



If you are interested in Incredible Years, call FSM on 0800 326 78 278, or fill out our contact form here