A day in the life of ... Peter Leong

We talk to Peter Leong about what a typical day looks like for him at Family Start Manukau

Q: What’s your official job title, and what does it mean?

A: I’m a service partner for Family Start Manukau. The work that we do is to run small business start up training for disadvantaged people in our community. They may have a dream to start a business but not know how. To start a business they need to change the way they think about themselves and their potential. We ask them to think about their inherent gifts, talents and passions, and encourage them to choose a business to work on.

Q: What time do you usually get into the office, and what’s the first thing you do?

A: I’m here Wednesdays usually from 9.30am to 2pm and on Saturday from 11am to 1.30pm for mentoring. Usually I arrive about the same time as my first appointment, and we have a cup of tea and a good catch up on their progress.

Q: What’s the most important part of your day?

A: To look into the faces of people and see in their eyes that they believe in themselves. It’s like seeing a light come on.

Q: What’s your favourite part of your day?

A: When you see most of the participants showing up. They are often in very difficult situations and have to attend to unexpected things in their lives. To see them show up despite all the distractions they have is very satisfying.

Q: What’s the one thing about work you would change?

A: The one thing we would change, together with Family Start Manukau, is to expand this small business programme with a greater outreach to people who are looking for a career with a reliable income. That is something we are working on.

If you’re interested in Peter’s programme, call him on 021 190 2828 or David Ringrose at Family start Manukau on 021 437 609.