Perfect picnic for under $5

The sun has arrived so why not get outside? Being in the sun has plenty of health benefits, including increasing essential vitamin D and boosting serotonin production which helps with depression. So, slap on the sun block, pack this picnic for six people and head to your local park.


12 slices wheatmeal bread (Countdown homebrand)

1 x 185g tinned tuna in brine

1 cup frozen sweetcorn (defrosted)

2 tbps mayo

3 fresh bananas

100g cooking chocolate



Toast the bread and cut each piece into four. Allow to cool before placing in a container.

Drain the tuna and mix with the mayo and the sweetcorn. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Gently melt the cooking chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Add a large teaspoon of butter. When it cools it should remain a liquid.

Place everything into travel container and back a round ended knife, some plates and a picnic blanket. At the park, lay the tuna may mixture out with the mini toast for your tamariki to dip and eat in between playing. When they are ready to sit down, peel and cut each banana in half and let them dip into the chocolate mixture. For an extra treat, take some desiccated coconut to dab the ‘nana’s in as well – beats an ice cream!

Top tip: Got more children coming, or want some extra kai? Why not bulk up with some homemade popcorn.