A day in the life of ...

We talk to Mary Eileen Chapman about what a typical day looks like for her at Family Start Manukau

Q: What’s your official job title, and what does it mean?

A: “I am the Human Resources Advisor. I love working in an organisation that does some real good, although our other staff work in the community, my job is all about the people who work here. I want people to enjoy coming into work everyday, feel good about their job and get home safely.”

Q: What time do you usually get into the office, and what’s the first thing you do?

A: “I’m a late starter and a late finisher. I find I’m more productive in the afternoons. I start the morning with a coffee and the conviction to tidy my desk, although within five minutes I’ll be buried in my emails.”

Q: What’s the most important part of your day?

A: “Having a sense of achievement. I like to go home each day safe in the knowledge I’ve progressed a project or solved a problem.”

Q: What’s your favourite part of your day?

A: “The end of the day as other people are leaving. My office is at the end of the corridor and as I’m often one of the last to leave, I get to connect with people as they say good bye and tell me about their day.”

Q: What’s the one thing about work you would change?

A: “I’d love to be able to increase the financial compensation for this type of work. Our staff work hard in a challenging environment and I’d love to see an increase in funding.”