Vaughan Harvey - on the gift of giving

Every Christmas, Vaughan Harvey and the team from his Auckland toy business Harvey Wholesale play Santa for the FSM community. Just before Christmas - they ship hundreds of the latest toys to FSM headquarters for families in need.

It all started, four years ago, when Vaughan decided he wanted to make more of a contribution:

“As you get a bit older you get a bit more reflective. Life’s not all about making money. It’s about being responsible and looking at how you can help others.”

Vaughan was introduced to FSM CEO Colleen Fakalogotoa through a mutual friend.

Vaughan Harvey.JPG

“I got a really good vibe from the place and then Colleen started explaining the work that they do and I was pretty blown away.”

Colleen explained to Vaughan how many of our FSM families struggle at Christmas time, something that resonated with him:

“Personally, I come from a pretty tough background as a kid. I remember having no food on the table and having to go to our neighbours to get some bread - so I certainly wasn’t born with a silver spoon in my mouth. We had a good family and mum did a great job bringing us up, it was tough at times.”

Vaughan agreed to start donating toys - which FSM wrap and distribute to families who might not otherwise be able to provide for their children.

Colleen says it is wonderful to be able to take some of the pressure off the shoulders of the parents. 

"It allows them to give something to their kids. Instead of pretending Christmas day is just another day, or keeping the kids inside so they don’t see the other children playing with new toys. The relief on those parents' faces is tremendous. What is so special is that these are new toys, educational and robust in their boxes! Unheard of."

Colleen adds: Vaughan is “one of life’s good guys.”