Five fast life hacks for your home

Need some ways to save time and money at home? Here's a few for starters

1) Use coat hangers as 'clips its': You know those trouser hangers with the clips on the sides? Just cut the clips off and you can seal up that rice bag before you put it back in the cupboard.

Life hack hanger clip 2.jpg

2) Unclog a drain: No need for expensive products, just pour a half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar into a clogged drain. Once it stops foaming rinse down the sink and your drains will be clear. It's better for the environment too!

3) Smelly shoe remedy: Pop a dry tea bag in your shoes over night, it will absorb the unwanted smell ready for the next day!

4) Multi-tasking chef: Stop a pot of pasta or rice from boiling over by placing a wooden spoon across the top - it pops the bubbles.

Pot boiling life hack.jpg

5) Good eggs: Eggs last for a while, but if you're unsure how fresh they are, put them in a pan of cold water. If they lay flat on the bottom, they're fresh. If they stand on end they're old but probably okay to eat. If they float, bin them