Easter games for whanau fun

Got the fam coming over this Easter weekend? Here are three easy games to keep the kids entertained

Easter egg roll

Give the kids a hardboiled hen's egg each and some paints. Let them decorate their individual egg. Now take the eggs to a slope - it doesn't need to be too steep. Place one adult at the top with the kids, and one at the bottom by the 'finishing line'. On the count of three get the kids to gently roll their eggs down the slope. The egg that crosses the line first, or goes the farthest, is the winner.

Easter egg hunt

This can be done two ways. Firstly, you could buy some chocolate eggs and hide them around the house and garden for the tamariki to collect. Secondly, you could cut ten egg shapes out of paper, and write clues on them to the location of a large chocolate egg. This gets the children working as a team, solving the mystery, and sharing the egg at the end.

Check out these Easter egg hunt clue ideas from netmums.com

Egg and spoon race

A total classic. Again, each child needs a hard boiled hens egg - if you're organised enough, you could use the decorated eggs before the egg rolling race. Give each child a dessert spoon and it's best to play on carpet or grass so they egg won't smash if dropped. Have a start line and finish line, or for older children, an obstacle course. The aim is to complete the course with the egg in tact on you spoon. If you drop your egg, you have to wait three seconds before you can start again.