Father's for Families

On Friday 21st June, Monty and Dave who run the Father's for Families programme invited their nine graduates and families to celebrate completion of the 10-week course. Here we talk to three of the graduates about what the course meant to them

Barrie Howe

Monty, Barrie and Dave

Monty, Barrie and Dave

"Doing this course, it made me stop and look at myself," says single dad of four, Barrie. "I thought about the things I could do better that would benefit me and the kids in the long term. I've learned tools to help build trust and to stay calm under pressure."

Barrie admits that home alone with four kids, tempers can fray pretty easily. That was impacting on his self-esteem.

"Doing Father's for Families has helped my confidence in my parenting go up. It has made me much stronger," says Barrie. "It's 10 weeks, a big commitment, but it is well worth it. I'm going on to do the next course, the Resolution Series."

Barrie, who has been working with FSM for a while, says he would recommend this course - and the support of FSM - to anyone.

"Family Start Manukau have so much to offer, so much support and it is long term."

Read more about Barrie's parenting journey here.

Pita Rhind

Dave, Pita and Monty

Dave, Pita and Monty

"I was referred to Father's for Families by my probation officer, and at first I didn't really want to do it," admits Pita. "But I really got into it. I've learned how to be more 'here' for my kids. It's made me want to be a good role model for them."

Pita admits he had some trouble expressing himself, and being part of a group of blokes all in a similar boat was really helpful.

"It's really opened me up," he says. "We've (the other fathers in the group) all got stuff in common."

Quentin Wilson

Monty, Quentin, Quentin's son and Dave

Monty, Quentin, Quentin's son and Dave

"I volunteered for the course after doing Incredible Years," says Quentin, who admits he has anger management issues. "This course has brought me happiness, and the skills to enjoy myself more with my boys."

Quentin says his major focus now is trying to be a better dad. 

"I'd thought before that maybe I could do better, but once you start improving it builds," he says. "I'd say to all dads, just give it a go. I tell all my mates what I've learned, and it has helped them too."

If you are interested in signing up for the next 10-week course that starts this week, call Family Start Manukau on 0800 326 78 278.