OUR vision:

caring whānau, safe children, thriving communities. manaaki whānau, manaaki tamariki, manaaki tangata.


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We help families provide their child/children with the best possible future. We do this by supporting families in the areas of health, education, safety and growth. By addressing specific challenges  family face, we are building a strong and stable base of care for your child.

Family Success Matters understands that for some of our  families, they have had difficulties and setbacks. These may include issues such as mental illness, drug, alcohol or gambling addiction, relationship issues where parents have had trouble with their partner or family.

We have a workforce that understands these challenges and are committed to working with families to address these issues.

We know for some of our families, they won’t know what is going on or whether things can change - we believe that every situation can be changed, we also believe that sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to. Click below to get in touch with one of our dedicated staff members.

making a referral

If you answer yes to the following, then make a referral by pushing the button below.

  • Does your client live in the Manukau or Franklin area?

  • Is your client experiencing challenges stopping them from being the parent they want to be for their children? These challenges may include:

    • Mental Health

    • Addiction

    • Relationship problems

    • History of abuse

    • Care or protection history

    • Parenting and development issues

We also accept self referrals too - but we encourage you to get in touch so we can discuss options that will work for you or your client.

Building success as a team

At FSM it’s important that we create a strong team culture.  We know that by building a strong culture internally, we are supporting our staff so they can do their best when they are working with families out in the community. Click here to read more.


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