"Social work is about the 'outcome' not the income!"


Social worker Kat Utai has worked for FSM for six years

"I didn’t know anything specific to FSM before coming here, I just saw the advertisement and applied. It was a good decision! I worked on the frontline for five years, and I'm now a supervisor supporting a team of lead professionals.

My day often starts with the simple things like a phone call or paper work. We might have a team meeting, and I have a one hour supervision session with each team member every week as well as additional case consults and debriefing sessions. To sum it all up every day is and should be busy and productive, that’s how I see it! 

It's full on but I am kept motivated by seeing my team members out there making a difference, making sure children in our community are safe. There’s no bigger motivation than that.

FSM is a very open and supportive organisation. No door is closed, meaning I can walk into any space or office without feeling I can’t go there.

More personally, I know for sure in this line of work you need to establish and maintain strong relationships. From that you get and give support and you always have another eye on you in terms of self-reflection. Being emotionally intelligent is a MUST in this job and I thank everyone who has had my back from day one, especially when I became a supervisor.

There are also a lot of professional development and training opportunities here, such as becoming a registered social worker, and being up-skilled to a team leader. I also have a great external supervisor to help me in this role. There’s always something to learn, it never ends!  

FSM is an understanding organisation that realises we've all got families and lives as well. I’ve always thought social work was never about income but about outcome, so having flexibility and all the other perks of this job makes up for that!

Overall, in all aspects of this place, the job, the people, the culture, the support towards my own family, I know I won’t get this anywhere else so if I reflect purposefully my six years being here is a testament to that.    

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