Caring whanau, safe children. Whanau Manaaki Tangata. Family Start Manukau provides services to strengthen disadvantaged and isolated families and children.

Our vision is to provide young families with the ability to overcome obstacles that can often keep their children from successful and productive futures, and to provide a safe and healthy environment as they build their new family. Family Start is designed to help parents who have suffered setbacks in their own lives, but are willing to work hard to give their child the best life that he or she can have, without allowing the difficulties of the past to intrude on the future of the family.


To enable young families to overcome barriers which prevent their children from enjoying a successful future.

Our goal, ultimately, is to help you provide your child with the very best care in the areas of health, education, safety and growth, and give your family a strong start in reaching for the best possible future you can provide your baby. By addressing specific problems and building a strong and stable base of care for your child, Family Start Manukau also seeks to relieve some of the stress that can come with raising a child, allowing you to focus on creating happy memories between all members of the family.

Family Start Manukau understands that some families have had difficulties and setbacks, and seeks to help those that have suffered through mental illness, drug, alcohol or gambling addiction, and parents that have had trouble with their partner or family.

Family Start Manukau is also able to help those that aren't sure how to make sure that their children are growing up strong and healthy, whose children have disabilities or special care needs, or if you're simply a young family facing obstacles in raising your child that you aren't sure how to handle.