Our strategy

Whānau Development

We want high need families to choose us to work with them. We will provide a service that will improve their well-being and their circumstances.

Our services will be safe for vulnerable children and families who rely on us.

Maori, Pacific nations, Asian and Indian cultures find our services relevant, meaningful and safe to engage with.

We will offer our client whānau hope for the future.

Innovation and Sustainability

We will evaluate our services for effectiveness, to ensure we are making a difference for whanau and thier children.

We will attract and develop programmes that have impact on the Early Years and Child and Family work.

We will work towards financial stability and sustainability, so that we can strengthen the quality of our service.

External Environment

We will support the Children's Team approach in our area and be involved in both management and service delivery to families and children.

We will be involved in projects with others to achieve outcomes for children and families. We will work with Family Start sites nationally to develop the programme.

We will explore programmes that achieve better outcomes for our high needs families.

We will work with whānau/aiga with the highest needs and who are marginalised and isolated in the community.

We will eventually offer a one stop shop, a centre for whānau and children's services

Staff and Workforce Development

We will equip our staff for effective work with high needs whānau and their infants. FSM is a learning organisation and that culture permeates every level.

The cultural diversity and multitude of languages spoken here are critical to our success.