January 31, 2017

Meet the Franklin team

FSM opened a new office in Auckland in August. Three days a week the team, (pictured below from left to right) Sisi Thompson, Mihi Bush, Shireen Wells, Malae Sanders and Tatiana Ngatai work on site to help Auckland's southern-most families. 



We talk to supervisor Shireen Wells.

"I’ve been at FSm for ten years. I was 23 when I began working for them, straight out of University.  The thing I love about FSM is that’s it’s an early intervention service, about getting in to help families before things happen. It’s also an intensive service, giving families the opportunity to work on issues that might have been following them around for a while. We can give each of our families the time to do that.

The men’s programme is one of the best things we offer in my opinion. There are hundreds of services for women and children but not a great deal for fathers – that’s something we should grow nationally."

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